All Out of Love


puppylovegirl95: I'm here for anyone needing a shoulder to cry on or a distraction through this extremely difficult time. I love you my Thunderbuddies. Mar 13, 2014 16:15:32 GMT -5
TheDoctorDonna: I cried when I heard Emmet was leaving, this is SO hard! Mar 13, 2014 21:28:19 GMT -5
it seems to me still a nightma: Enter your reply here... Mar 15, 2014 7:10:11 GMT -5
TheDoctorDonna: Yeah. I keep hoping I'll just wake up. Mar 15, 2014 16:25:02 GMT -5
barbt: Keith's last two concerts helped, a little. He made us laugh with memories of George, and also cry, partly by playing Caledonia as a tribute to him and partly just because you could hear his voice cracking now and again as he was talking about him. Mar 17, 2014 7:44:30 GMT -5
barbt: Somebody was playing the Mythology CD today. I had to leave the room when "My Land" came on. That last verse was gonna hurt way too much. Mar 17, 2014 19:06:08 GMT -5
TheDoctorDonna: My version of the Parting Glass was by George. I cried so hard. Mar 25, 2014 16:21:45 GMT -5
CelticWolff: I'm still crying over George I can't believe it. Emmet has decided to stay for a while longer. Apr 10, 2014 16:03:24 GMT -5
thunderhead2009: I am beyond heart broken about George still. I can't Apr 11, 2014 23:30:33 GMT -5
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